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Tiny Tanks



LeadFollow Games UG

Based in Frankfurt a.M., Germany


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April 11, 2019



Action, Casual, Party, Multiplayer
















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Tiny Tanks is an 8 player multiplayer game with toy tanks that blow each other up in a completely destructible arena. With hundreds of game modes and modifier combinations, each round is different.


In Tiny Tanks you control a small toy-like tank and try to beat your enemies (or friends) in every round to get the most points and win the game. You can beat your friends mainly by shooting them with hilariously oversize bullets or catapult them of the map by making them drive into one of your deadly mines.


But beating your friends is not just about destroying them. You can win points by evading mines dropping from the sky, not touching the ground when the volcano erupts or by not falling off the map when gravity starts to shift. To make the whole situation even more chaotic, you can destroy the whole map with your bullets and mines. If your enemy thinks he is safe on the bridge he is wrong, because it suddenly collapses as your mines detonate below it and send him flying off the map.

You can beat your friends in local multiplayer or fight with total strangers online.


Completely destructible Environment
Players are able to completely destroy the environment with shells and mines. The destruction also has a big impact on the gameplay, as all the debris is physically simulated.

Physics-driven Gameplay
The tanks are completely physically simulated which results in a great degree of interactivity between the players and the environment. Driving on a simulated pile of debris influences the steering behavior of the tank measurably.

Hundreds of Gameplay Variants
Tiny Tanks features over 20 game modes and 10 modifiers with different unlockable variations. Game modes and modifiers can be combined into hundreds of different experiences.

Local- and Online-Multiplayer
The game supports up to eight players simultaneously both locally as well as online. Players are able to setup their games after their own rules.

Customization Options
Players will be able to configure their tanks from a cool assortment of parts. Different turrets, bodies and accessories like hats, exhausts and many more.




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About LeadFollow Games

We are a Frankfurt based indie team focused on making fun games with lot's of physics and a cute touch of simplicity.

How it all came to life

Lukas started his games programming studies in 2015 and met his future partner, Jannik, at his university. Jannik was already a supervisor and saw the talent of Lukas. Then Lukas started with his programming experiments and was soon joined by Jannik who guided him into the right directions with the experiments wich after some time led to their first project: Tiny Tanks. Both decided they wanted to make a full game from an early prototype everyone who played it seemed to like. With time it became clear the project would eventually sell for real, so they founded their little team: LeadFollow Games.

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