• Lukas Krebs

Our Official Discord: Come and develop the game together with us!

Did you know that there is a verified Discord for Tiny Tanks? No? Then I will tell you why it's good to join our server.

Hello there, fellow tank drivers!

If you want to be part of the big community around Tiny Tanks you can visit our Community Discord Server. What is going on there:

  • We have a channel for official announcements. Just today we launched a hat creation contest. Want to take part? Come join us!

  • We have various discussion channels where we talk about the game and regularly post development updates and discuss aspects of the development and features with you!

  • We also do development live streams. Don’t want to miss those? Come join us and get notified!

  • Earn XP, gain ranks, get rewards

We would love to greet you on our Discord and to discuss the games development with you!

Thanks a lot for your great support,

Your Tiny Tanks Team,

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