• Lars Rickert

It is time for another patch...

...And now finally, bots are available. It has been a lot of work and we want to thank you for all the support and for helping us with the testing. There are also a number of other cool improvements, including better matchmaking, local match tank customization, better tank shadows and a number of crash fixes and performance improvements.

In the last few weeks we have put a lot of work into the game, here you can see what's changed:

  • Added Bots to play with for online and local matches. Supports every game mode

  • Added glow to the crown, flag, and target so that they are visible during lights out

  • You can now customize your tank in a local match

  • Added better visible tank shadows

  • Fixed Apocalypse Now bombs not covering the whole map

  • Fixed skid marks disappearing randomly

  • Fixed broken score calculation in rare cases

  • Fixed a rare issue where the laser would leave the map

  • Overall improved performance in some cases

  • Game mode King: crown now has a nice blinking effect to indicate cooldown

  • Increased podium size

  • Temporarily removed golf until we find a way to make it more fun

What's next

  • We will improve the bots further based on your feedback

  • We will get performance in check eventually

Thank you so much for all your help with testing and all your feedback, but most of all, thank you for your patience. We really appreciate it and we hope that you will enjoy this update as much as we do.


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